Tristate Military Maintenance

A Branch of US Military Maintenance


One of the first lessons we learn in the military is that everything must be clean and inspection ready. In the field, we are taught that proper cleaning and maintenance insures that we stay healthy and our equipment functions so we can accomplish our mission.

We will apply the same philosophy while maintaining your property. Our veterans and their families will ensure that your property is cleaned to your satisfaction, and while doing so we will help to employ local veterans.

Jared Vanecek enlisted in the Marine Corps during the summer of 2001. Shortly after beginning military training, the United States was attacked and our Armed Forces quickly deployed around the world to combat terror. Embracing his decision to defend and protect, he proudly served his country as a Marine wherever he was called.

After Jared’s initial enlistment, he went to school to learn how to fly helicopters and it was then he realized just how quickly his reenlistment was approaching, causing him to switch gears after reassessing his career path. Less than two years later, he earned his Green Beret to become a Special Forces’ soldier in the Army.

Jared spent 6 years as a Green Beret and loved every moment of it. However, now with a wife and young children whom he loved more than life itself, his priorities naturally changed to place his beautiful family first. Long, dangerous deployments were replaced with job interviews and finding ways to apply his skills for research and development at DARPA, Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office, and consulting with other companies. Due to these types of jobs’ travel requirements with long departures from his family, Jared decided to take a leap of faith, and leave what was familiar in order to find a way to be home more often.

It was soon after leaving the Military, DOD atmosphere that Jared experienced just how undervalued our veterans are in the civilian workforce. During that time, his entrepreneurial spirit ignited along with the desire to provide for his family, and help other veterans provide for theirs.

“Our family loves to serve people, especially our Veterans who have served and made the highest sacrifice. We have been involved with non-profits, helping veterans transition into agriculture. We have helped non-profits that are combating human trafficking, and more. This summer we are hosting two boys from the Ukraine who we hope to adopt. We love to serve people, and believe that giving our best to serve others is the key to success in this life.”

Cleaning Service in West Virginia

Our prices are always very competitive! That being said, we pay our employees industry leading wages. We do this because we expect more from them. Our standards are high, as they should be.


We're ready to make your place the cleanest it's ever been

Do you remember how exciting it was to move into your place when it was new, fresh, and clean? Let's see if we can help you reinvigorate that feeling. A clean business is a happy one and a clean office is a productive one. By enlisting our services, you're not only getting a new lease on your place, but you're also removing potentially dangerous or allergy-inducing elements.

Assessment: It all starts with us taking a look at what needs to be done – and usually it's not as bad as you think. We'll let you know how long it's going to take and what it's going to require.
The Move: If you want everything to be really clean, we'll start by removing any of the furniture we can. There's no sense in hiding a stain with an ottoman when we can just remove it from the very start!
The Clean: The moment we've all been waiting for, where we get rid of all of the muck and junk and give you your place back! We only use the safest chemicals, so there's nothing to worry about.

We love to maintain relationships with clients and become more than just a cleaning service. We want to be part of the routine that makes your life better, healthier, and cleaner. And, the more often we come by, the less work we have to do, and the more you save – not to mention the intangible benefit of working in a spotless place!


Seals Seals


  • replace bulbs and ballasts
  • replace electrical outlets
  • replace faulty breakers & fuses
  • unclog sink drains
  • replace or repair faucets
  • repair drywall damage
  • repair / replace motors & pumps
  • so much more....